Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's my 6th Bark Day.

    Hi Fur Pals.

   I am celebrating my 6th Bark Day and my 2nd year with my Mom & Dad.

          I don't have a birth story. I have a story of Love.
   I am one of many dogs that roamed the streets in Bandera, Texas.
   On March 21st 2016 I was taken to Hill County Animal Shelter.
   From there I was transferred to Paws in Lynnwood, Washington. Thank my lucky butt
   because you know what happens to dogs like me in Texas. Let me tell you,
   they go to the Rainbow Bridge. For many reasons some good some bad & some sad.
   If I had known how cold it was here in winter I would have booked it to Florida. bol

   Then one day July 1st 2016 I was hanging out in my bed chilling, when a man came and looked at me. I walked up to the gate and wagged my tail for him and didn't bark like all the other dogs.
But he left and my heart sank. Wait here he comes again but he's got a lady with him.
My future Mom and Dad were talking about me. They just lost Cinnamon and were not
sure if they were ready for another dog. They were reading the paperwork attached to the gate
where I was. My Mom still has that paperwork today. It says I was born June 20th 2012 I am a American Bull Terrier-Australian Cattle Dog. I am house trained and a social butterfly, love toys,  rolling around in the sunshine. Loves to play with other dogs. No Bite History.

Mom and Dad took me out to the play yard at Paws and I was so excited.
After some play and talking Mommy got her checkbook and $150.00 later
I ran out of the Paws Center to my dad's truck. Let's go home now.

 Mom won't let me have cake, It's ok dad will give me one when he gets home from work.
 She made me a healthy snack for my Birthday.

 Yeah right who wants cottage cheese and a vita bone 
with wax candles, seriously my mom needs help.
Cake mom  (c a k e )  do I have to spell it for you?  

  Aunt Cathy came over yesterday and look what she brought me!!!!

A bird stuffie he squawks when I bite him. bol

I took it from her and ran to the family room.

Squawk Squawk. Still doesn't taste like cake mom!

Mom said maybe by this time next year I can have a little sister.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

I'm using my mental telepathy powers.

Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger.

I hope my dad gets the message.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sunshine and Monday.

Hey, I'm working on my suntan.
Mommy said Astro, "I think your working on getting a bath."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thankful Thursday.

Seriously, Mom I'm not a baby!
Astro will be 6 June 20th.
He's still our Wild Child.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flower Friday.

                              FLOWER FRIDAY. 

          WOW  do you believe Spring finally showed up in a big way?
          Everything is blooming and the smell in the air is so sweet.
          Is it that way at your house too?

     First the Red Tulips bloomed last week and the week before.

Mom got some 99 cent Fuchsias. We have to wait awhile for them to bloom.

The Lilac bloomed, mom cut some for the family room.
The Lilac and Rhododendron blooming out front.
They smell so good.
Even mom's poor little Azalea is blooming.

Hosta and  a red Geranium on the patio. 

Mom likes Hosta's they are not fussy and easy to grow.

More geraniums out front red and pink.

We are joining our fur pals Arty Jakey & Rosy For Flower Friday.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Rain again.

Mom I need a playmate okay?

Astro I think you have enough toys.  

Our back yard has turned into a mud puddle.
Maybe next week we can do zoomies. 
                                           Astro loves this little bed, he likes to curl up
                                               in it every morning while I drink coffee.

It's my 6th Bark Day.