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Wordless Wednesday/Thursday

Lighting the way for
             over the rainbow friends.

Welcome Home Easy Rider.


Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009,
          male & fabulous,from: Brittany / France.

Happy Barkday to PawProvance

O~ The Celebrations just keep coming and the party's
            are all over blogville. We been hopping cross country
            for weeks now. How about you are you pooped out.?

           We have one again today.
         Let's zoom all the way down to Florida.
         I hope it's warm there today, I been freezing in Seattle.
         The Celebration is for Christmas and his barkday party.
           Be sure and stop by & wish him a Happy B Day.

Blogville Gala & Birthday Party

I'm on my way to Dory's.
                         Are you coming too?

                    Dory's is having a Gala and Birthday Party.🎂

Astro get's the good stuff.


       My Ma has been asking all of you about
     treats you like in our last post . You all
     have been leaving great suggestions for Mom.

      These arrived, Christmas Eve our postman
    brought a package with my name on it.
    Mom said it was a gift from  Millie and Walter,
   from Bird Brains and Dog Tails & their mom.

Zukes  Mini Naturals.
Fresh Peanut Butter!

Furpals I think my mom should
order these by the case.
I love them that much.

Hey Ma, can you give me more than 3 at a time?
Millie and Walter's mom Cindy made the perfect choice.

Treats ideas for dogs

Can you all help my ma out with a recommendation?

           I know everyone has their own idea of what is good for their dog,
           but I have to consider what is good for Astro.

           I am looking for a small to medium treat that is not hard,
          or crunchy. We purchase treats thinking Astro will like them
           because they are salmon, duck, liver or chicken, he turns
           them down. What is a good soft chew, that is healthy made in USA
           no corn wheat or all that other nasty stuff? I have so many bags of
           crunchy treats I am feeding it to the birds and yes the squirrels too.

         Ok let's hear what your ideas are.

                   The Mom Linda

Christmas Is having a party.

Let's help Christmas celebrate his 3rd barkday!

With so much happening in blogville and family
commitments we all have busy schedules.
Go to the link above and get all the details.

His party is December 27th.
Be sure to get a photo to him by the 26th.

Special Announcement. Where is Mike going to live?

First we want to thank everyone who commented.
Mom and Dad wrote the list of names for me to pick from.

Mom used her crock pot.
to put all the names in.
She said it was big enough
for my big head.

I got to pick the winner's name .







 Congratulations Dory.
I know you will Love Mike!

Getting to Know You.

WE ARE JOINING  MY MUTT RILEY ABBY LAB TAGGED US TO JOIN IN THE FUN Riley is the new to blogging. Pay him a visit at the link above. We are participating in the get to know you. Riley asked the following questions. Astro has been blogging SENSE July 2016

So here we go…with our answers. My top 5: Dog breeds Golden RetriverCocker SpanielToy Fox Terrior Irish SetterPitt-bull 
Spare-time activities Cooking BloggingNeedle Point Gardening Reading 
Ice cream flavours Raspberry Chocolate FudgeVinillia StrawberryMango

The Snow Freak Parade

Come meet my friend Mike the pony Giveaway!


  Before I introduce Mike let's take a look back at
Nellie and Shamrock. You can read all about
Nellie She is a Wells Fargo Pony.

Nellie was  legendary in her time.
She's our most loved pony so far.
Nellie lives with our pal Ruby now.
I think they are good BUD'S Right Ruby?

Then in 2014 There was Shamrock.
Oh he was a beauty. A Stallion.

He went off to live with the The Wennies of Florida.
Amber and her pack have a special place for Shamrock.

   The Newest Member is Mike.
    He is one handsome guy!

     That's the real Mike in a photo from the Wells Fargo Archives.

 This is Mike today. He is just as fuzzy as he looks.

Mike's coloring is light brown and black.
 His jacket/blanket is a beautiful Red with the WF logo.
If you want you can remove the red blanket coat.

Would you like Mike to come live at your house????
 All we ask that you please do not destuff him.
Mom believes in no harm should come to animals.
If you think you could…

Counting Cards & Special Announcement.

Hi Furpals 
    We are watching the snow melt from last-night.
Did you all get snow too? Mom let me out
in the yard for a potty break, but I ran as fast
as I could back into the house.

     I  watched the mailman going house to house.
 My card stack is growing everyday.                                          

MY count so far Astro 14 mail and 3 e mail= 17
Mom and Dad  0 + 0 = 0  hahahahaha.

                       NOW I KNOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO WANT
                       TO LISTEN UP AND READ ABOUT OUR

So tell your friends in blogville, ma and pa and all the other humans that love horses,
to come back here tomorrow. Do you remember this post from
Cinnamon's blog in 2015?   Nellie  ? and this one from 2014  Shamrock ?
Nellie and Shamrock have a friend and he is at my house right now!
Remember come back tomorrow for our Special Announcement.

It's Snowing!!!

It finally came to my house.

      At 3:30 this morning mom looked out the
window that's snow in my yard.
 Dads truck is covered in it.
Mommy refused to go outside and take
photos. That's why there is a glare
from the window .
 I might do some zoomies later.

Thank You Blogville

Thank You Blogville,
For all the well wishes and prayers.

        Aunt Cathy & Uncle Cliff.

  Uncle Cliff is still at the hospital, he may
get to go home Monday.
 Open Heart surgery was successful.

Mom is back home, getting the house
ready for the snow storm they say 6 to 10
inches coming tonight. I never been in snow
before, zoom zoom.

It's beginning to look like Christmas.

This is not our tree mom used pizap

We are busy getting cards addressed and shopping.
Mom may not post for a little bit. My Aunt Cathy's husband will be having 
open heart surgery so Mommy is going to Camano Island.

Come Fly with me Sammy


Madi and Easy would like to you join the
     Come Fly With Me Campaign.
   We are taking Sammy on a world tour
   right here in your living room.
  Grab some chips and dip or treats
  along with your favorite beverage.
Miss ruby will be along soon with margaritas.

 Hello,  Hello,  Sammy is that you?

Yes, I will pick you up at Seatac Airport Ok see you soon.

 SETAC  is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is in the eponymous city of SEA TAC Washington about twelve miles south of downtown Seattle.

Let's Stop at Pikes Market and watch the Fish Mongers. Oh Sammy look at the fish fly yummy. 

Here is one of Seattle's best landmarks, everyone wants to go to the top of the Space Needle.

The Space Needle is an observation tower, a landmark  of
The Pacific Northwest, it was built in  1962 for the
World's Fair , which drew over 2.3 million visitors.

Chihuly Glass Gard…