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Hi Furpals,

 I am so thankful..............

I am Thankful I am not in a shelter.
I am Thankful  Mom & Dad Love me. I am Thankful for my new friends. I am Thankful you all Welcomed me to Blogville. I am Thankful for all the new toys I have. I am Thankful I found this Yellow ball in my yard.

Wordy Wednesday

Hey Pals and Furfriends,
I feel the need to  ask you all why NO ONE
told me about the vacuum??  Holy fur balls and hair,
That thing has been hiding in the
closet since I got here!! Well today was the
day Mom unleashed the monster right
in our living room by my bed, of all places.
WOW can that thing suck like a turbine.

 But that's not why I am here today.
A Box came while she had the monster out.
 Seams mom has been reading post reviews about Wellness Protein Bars and
placed an order with This Stuff is good. I think it was  Gardening with Wyatt
where she first read about all the goodness. Now, I am not doing a review,
 just telling you I really really liked them.
 You can read all about them at  Gardening with Wyatt

I hope she buys me more of these.

Tear them up Tuesday.

Revenge is sweet.

They will never leave me home alone again!
This happened while they went to celebrate Mom's birthday without me. 
Mom I hope you are not throwing darts at me!!!!!

Sunday Selfie

Take time to smell the weeds and flowers.


Today is National Junk Food Day!

Who doesn't love junk food?

 While there are plenty of ideas for making your own snacks on the net,

mommy printed this as a reminder to eat healthy. It's going on our frig.


Frogs and Seahawks

Some Daddy has been working in his woodshop again.

                     Dad's been sawing with the band saw & sanding, painting and making
                     a lot of noise out back. I am just a little scared to go in there.

Mommy told me I am going to be a SEAHAWKS fan!!!! If the truck is delivering treats then I am all in.

This Frog showed up on the front porch.

I am not kissing Frogs with orange lips! Besides she has nails for eyelashes.

I'll just stay right here eating my Monkey.

Charlie and the Biscuit Factory

I am so excited today. We just got a new friend here in Blogville.
Mom said this last week has been a busy one for new friends.

 Meet Charlie from Charlie and the Biscuit Factory
Charlie is another handsome guy. Look out ladies he will
be snatched up quickly.
        If you haven't been to visit CHARLIE go stop by and say hello to him and his mom.


I see your cheese mom!


Dad bought me a new stuffie Hedgehog  lastnight and today I will destuff it. BOL

Finally Friday

It's been a busy week here.


Happy Thursday Pals.

                                                Look what I did to help my mom.

Yep, you are seeing a roll of paper towels. I helped her open the family pack.

This is my You're Welcome Mommy face.



Silly Sunday

Astro's New Home

Hi Furpals,

  I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for the "Welcome"

  Astro here, I  have a few post up over at Cinnamon's old blog and I know many
of you have left comments for me over there. Mommy is going to post here
all my new adventures on my very own blog page.

 If you see wonkie stuff that's just my mom messing up stuff.
Last night she tried to post from her phone what a joke that was,!!!!

Dad took me to work today with him but got NO pictures. butthead

Mommy took just a few photos so you can see just how handsome I am.

                                                  I just had my 4th birthday on June 20th.

                                        I sure wish I was here sooner I could have had some cake.
                                  I am going to love having new friends and my new forever home.

PS. Mom wants to give a Big Shout Out  and Thank You to Miss Diana from Oreo&…