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Astro's Wild Thursday Revenge.

       The Mom, Linda here..............

  Jeff and I have decided that Astro is one smart dog.
Ok laugh I know it's funny right?
Somehow this little wild child we call Astro
knows whose  slippers are whose along with
other personal things.

  Here is what has happened in the last 2 months.
It started with Jeff's recliner chair, Astro tore the
fabric open on the arm. We have been keeping it
covered with a blanket to stop further damage.
  If you missed that post you can read it.
 The big No No 

 After that fiasco the next main event (ha ha) was the
pillow massacre  of goose feathers. We laugh now,
but the day I came home and found my pillow
destuffed was not a good day for Astro.
No treat or cheese are in his future.

You can read about the de stuffing at I DID NOT DO IT

Tonight we left him home alone again!
I know, I know, how could we do such
a crazy thing?. Well we are house hunting
and Astro tagging along wasn't in the plans.

  Are y'all ready for the  Revenge?
 The wild child must get on the phone
the minute we leave and call all the evil squirrels
I bet he has them on speed dial too!!!!
Ready to see what Astro has done????

The  leather strap on Jeff Motorcycle helmet.
I guess it was the smell of leather that he liked.
 Now it's a guessing game what he is going to be finding
to destroy next.  In case you were wondering Astro
has 17 toys from rabbits to monkeys and ropes.
We are thinking he just wants to be wherever we are.


  1. Our human sister's puppy Ruby was given the chance to be free from her crate while the peeps were away. She completely destroyed the seat cushion on one of the family room chairs. Two days later, peeps hadn't learned their lesson, and she destroyed the other one. Ruby is now crated when the peeps are away:(

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. Hey ASTRO... we THINK that your peeps are FINALLY learning... they are getting the Idea that you don't want to be left... NEXT you can begin training them to TAKE YOU where EVER they GO... WHEN ever they GO...
    Show them that GO = Astro it is a simple equation .

  3. mom's grandaughter has a dog that tore up the corner of her new couch and chewed up her brand new snow boots. something had to change so she now goes in a crate when left alone. I still go in my crate when mom & dad are not home - mom doesn't want me getting too rowdy with Hazel and hurting her! I don't mind cause I get treats !

  4., that was baaaaad dude! ☺ Nows, I gets it, it's hard not to have the peeps around, catering to our every need and desire. Butts sometimes they needs to do peep stuff alone, which usually means that we are left to our own devices. I, myself, have chosen to steal Ma's plastic card and shop for goodies and other special toys online. Chewy is the bestest, butts Amazon in a pinch. give this a try, it's funs! If that doesn't work they might puts you in a crate, or block you into the kitchen with baby gates or somethings. This isn't bad, cause there are usually lots of treaties involved. butts shoppin' is tons more funs! If you needs me to drive the margarita truck up there, i will ya know! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  5. wow astro, that was a special way of "let it snow" :o) and with 17 toys it is hard to make decision right? so the easier way is to pick n°18 .... I place two milkbones that it is a shoe :O)

  6. Hari OM
    Uh oh.. Astro; two words mate - photographic evidence. They are building their case - watch your step!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Momma keeps us in our crates or in just the bedroom when she's gone. She says we'd probably be good, but why tempt fate?

  8. It's very hard to learn the difference between doggie squeaky toys and human squeaky toys, because a pup thinks they're ALL his squeaky toys.


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