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Working Wednesday

I had to help my ma do yard work today.
       We never had to mow before where we lived.
       Dad bought a lawnmower for my mom.
        "Happy Early Birthday Honey" haahahahah
       My dad is a jokester, he knows mom will just smile and roll       her eyes.

There is a lot of weeds right now so she
mowed them down.  

     I got a new nickname today too.  Supervisor of Maintainance.  

 Mom said this new house stuff is hard work.
She even pulled a bucket of weeds from around the little
tree in front, Tomorrow she is going to plant flowers
if she can get out of bed :)

Medium Rare

Mom, I smell steak I hope you know how I like mine cooked.

Get the Broom

Mommy, get the broom dad's making a big sawdust mess.
                              What goes on in the wood shop stays in the wood shop.

Wordless Wednesday

My favorite pillow.
                                                Mom dad is snoring and I can't nap
                                                with all the noise.

It's My Birthday

It's my 5th Birthday and I'll sleep on the sofa if I want to.

           At 3:00 a.m. mom got up to make coffee and wake dad up.
          He always lets me outside to do my business, but this morning
          no one could find me. I wasn't in my bed or in the family room           recliner chair or in the office.                                       Mommy said,  "Astro where are you"?
               Then she turned the lights on............................................

I didn't get in trouble this time. Mommy said it's your Birthday Astro.

I got a pawsome card from my bff Madi and Mom Down home in NC.

Thank you, Madi, I love my card. XO Astro 


Happy Father's Day to my daddy. I love you so much! Thank you for rescuing me from the shelter.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's. 



           Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of me in the back yard.
         I was banished out there while the cable man was here.

          Today I want to share with you the office where mommy will
          help me write my blog and make lots of comments to my friends.

This guy came and drilled holes in the walls.
We got the TV's and the internets all set up. Mom's desk is on the left and Dad's is on the right. Dad needs a chair and we will find one soon. Mom found the printer table on craigslist. Only 15 green papers of my treat money. Score one for Mommy. Dad hung up the drapes as if we live in a flood zone. Mommy said it's ok because when vaccula comes out the  the closet she doesn't want the drapes to be sucked away. There is a TV in here too but the wires look like Medusa's  twin sister paid us a visit.  We'll show ya when dad hides them.

Just to prove I am still living up to my nickname.
Astro The Wild Child.

I am not allow…

Wordy Wednesday

 Hello, it's me I am here do you believe it?We are almost moved into the new house.

                    The cable man came yesterday to set up our internets & televisions.

                                 Mom and Dad worked 17 hours Saturday moving                                                         boxes and furniture with my supervision.
                                                       Our disarray continues.                                                  

                                         Dad said mom has a gift for barking orders,
                                                  I didn't know humans barked.

                                                Okay, I gots to run and help mom.

                                        Don't forget about me, I am in the back yard.
                                              Hope someone opens this door soon!

It's fur sure.

OMC and OMD.

Ma and Pa finally got the green light.
Wrote a big fat check while mom hyperventilated.
 The house with the white picket fence
will be our new home fur sure!

Mom can't sleep and Dad has   ((  $ $  )) as eyeballs.
Mommy woke up and asked dad where does the trash can go?
I just want to know where my bed is going to be.

We hope the internet is good and we can be connected
next week. I'll be back with an update soon.