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Lazy Sunday afternoon

I finally found a cool spot.

Thankful Thursday

I think you have cheese.
XO Astro

Meeting Morris.

Good Monday Morning Fur Pals.

               I got a new friend this morning.
               His name is Morris, from Melbourne, Australia!!

                               Meet Morris the Scottie.

                Please stop by his blog.
              Welcome him to Blogville.          
                You can visit him here.


Tongue out Thursday

I am   Thankful................... Everyday

Wow mommy you need to shake this rug!
No , vacuum that can stay in the garage ok?  

I am Thankful my mom put this hallway
rug down on the floor. When I run to the kitchen sometimes  the wood floor comes out from under my paws. Ma thinks I am going to go sliding right into her frig  and put a big dent in the doors.

Joining Brian's Thankful Thursday

Wordless Wednesday

I'm going to take a little snooze. 

Dog Day Afternoon.

My Dad keeps telling mom she needs to finish unpacking the
                         boxes in the garage. I don't think there is anything but Christmas
                         decorations and crystal wine glasses out there. Oh and maybe 87
                             boxes of shoes and purses!  Just look for yourself.

I am sure glad none of it is my stuffy's 

Maybe all the things will melt in the garage.

I am going to hide under the table, just in-case mom needs me.