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Wordless Wednesday

My favorite pillow.
                                                Mom dad is snoring and I can't nap
                                                with all the noise.

It's My Birthday

It's my 5th Birthday and I'll sleep on the sofa if I want to.

           At 3:00 a.m. mom got up to make coffee and wake dad up.
          He always lets me outside to do my business, but this morning
          no one could find me. I wasn't in my bed or in the family room           recliner chair or in the office.                                       Mommy said,  "Astro where are you"?
               Then she turned the lights on............................................

I didn't get in trouble this time. Mommy said it's your Birthday Astro.

I got a pawsome card from my bff Madi and Mom Down home in NC.

Thank you, Madi, I love my card. XO Astro 


Happy Father's Day to my daddy. I love you so much! Thank you for rescuing me from the shelter.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's. 



           Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of me in the back yard.
         I was banished out there while the cable man was here.

          Today I want to share with you the office where mommy will
          help me write my blog and make lots of comments to my friends.

This guy came and drilled holes in the walls.
We got the TV's and the internets all set up. Mom's desk is on the left and Dad's is on the right. Dad needs a chair and we will find one soon. Mom found the printer table on craigslist. Only 15 green papers of my treat money. Score one for Mommy. Dad hung up the drapes as if we live in a flood zone. Mommy said it's ok because when vaccula comes out the  the closet she doesn't want the drapes to be sucked away. There is a TV in here too but the wires look like Medusa's  twin sister paid us a visit.  We'll show ya when dad hides them.

Just to prove I am still living up to my nickname.
Astro The Wild Child.

I am not allow…

Wordy Wednesday

 Hello, it's me I am here do you believe it?We are almost moved into the new house.

                    The cable man came yesterday to set up our internets & televisions.

                                 Mom and Dad worked 17 hours Saturday moving                                                         boxes and furniture with my supervision.
                                                       Our disarray continues.                                                  

                                         Dad said mom has a gift for barking orders,
                                                  I didn't know humans barked.

                                                Okay, I gots to run and help mom.

                                        Don't forget about me, I am in the back yard.
                                              Hope someone opens this door soon!

It's fur sure.

OMC and OMD.

Ma and Pa finally got the green light.
Wrote a big fat check while mom hyperventilated.
 The house with the white picket fence
will be our new home fur sure!

Mom can't sleep and Dad has   ((  $ $  )) as eyeballs.
Mommy woke up and asked dad where does the trash can go?
I just want to know where my bed is going to be.

We hope the internet is good and we can be connected
next week. I'll be back with an update soon.

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful our new house will have a fence so I can do zoomies in my yard.


The animal rights organization have offered their condolences to the actor's family after it was confirmed the 'Man with the Golden Gun' star had passed away at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer.Mimi Bekhechi, Director of International Programmes PETA, said in a statement: "Animals have lost a dear friend with the passing of Sir Roger Moore. The long-time PETA supporter may have been best known for his suave portrayal of James Bond, but we believe some of his greatest achievements were his efforts on behalf of animals - including fronting a campaign pushing British department store Selfridges to stop stocking foie gras (it did!), boldly calling for the Queen's Guard's bearskin hats to be replaced with synthetic materials, and offering to pop a champagne cork with Theresa May if she brought forward a long-awaited ban on wild-animal circuses. Sir Roger was always an inspiration to work with. He called out animal abuse with wit and charm, and PETA w…





My new hood.

Happy Monday furpals.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day.

  Mom and dad bought a house last Monday.

Mom says we are in escrow, whatever that means.
We move June 1st. I just know there are boxes everywhere.
It will look different when we move. Dad is having a
white picket fence put in around the front yard.

We thought this above photo was a guest house but it is not.
On the left is a big garage where my dad will have his tools.
and on the right is all open area,  where my dad will have his woodworking shop.  All that grass area is where I can leave pee mail.
Mom and dad will be changing a few things,
but here is one more peak inside.

OMD a fireplace.....................................................

Sorry we aren't here much I think mom is lost
last time I saw her she had a measuring tape.

I didn't break anything this time.


The sun finally came out of hiding.
We know it's no big deal, but pals
It was so bright out!!!

I had to put my Doggles on to take a nap.

On another note, I haven't eaten a pillow or shoes this week, ah it's only Monday. 
Go Figure I got 4 days left before the week is over.
I almost had a nice pair of leather gloves, but my dad
found them in my bed and took them. He said I can
have them back when I learn to ride a motorcycle. bol

Mom and Dad are still house hunting.
Mom wants a big kitchen dad wants a big workshop.  I just want a big yard.

House Hunting

Happy Monday Everyone.

We are on the move again really.

 Ma and Pa have decided we need a bigger house.
You know so mom can have more crap stuff.

We found this one it's not big enough
but the spa was a nice touch.
I'm not sure the humanoids could fit in here.

 Dad said we need something like this for me

         I don't think that is funny.
Besides, where is the frig & treats?
The squirrels are responsible for all the destruction that has been going on around here.  Wish me luck.............  Ma says as long as we find a place that is  big enough for all 3 of us she will be happy.

Tongue Out Tuesday

Yes, Daddy those are the kind I like!

Astro's Wild Thursday Revenge.

The Mom, Linda here..............

  Jeff and I have decided that Astro is one smart dog.
Ok laugh I know it's funny right?
Somehow this little wild child we call Astro
knows whose  slippers are whose along with
other personal things.

  Here is what has happened in the last 2 months.
It started with Jeff's recliner chair, Astro tore the
fabric open on the arm. We have been keeping it
covered with a blanket to stop further damage.
  If you missed that post you can read it.
The big No No

 After that fiasco the next main event (ha ha) was the
pillow massacre  of goose feathers. We laugh now,
but the day I came home and found my pillow
destuffed was not a good day for Astro.
No treat or cheese are in his future.

Tonight we left him home alone again!
I know, I know, how could we do such
a crazy thing?. Well we are house hunting
and Astro tagging along wasn't in the plans.

  Are y'all ready for the  Revenge?
 The wild child must get on the phone
the minute we leave an…

Bunnies Lambs & Ducks


We finally have a break in the rain here.
Mom is planting flowers and I have 
been trusted to watch over the animals.
We all know I can be trusted right?
Well, these bunnies, lambs and ducks 
have no feathers inside so all is safe.

          The desk is an antique from 
        a great grandma and grandpa.

       The little black and white bunny 
  was my mom's from when she was 
younger     a child the man is my grandpa
 he would be 93, but sadly he passed away
many years ago. Mommy still misses him very much.

Let's hope we can stay dry all week I need to find 
all the Eggs for my Easter Basket.

Wordless Wednesday

Look I did not do it!


 Can anyone tell me why everytime my ma
leaves the da house something bad happens?

 Oh holy shit am I  in trouble.There were feathers flying all over the house when ma got home.I ran right past her and she didn't even recognise me.She said something about%$#@$%^+ whatever that means.I told her the pillow just exploded and the tree rat took offLove ya pals Astro the wild child. 


Dad is this the candy store for us puppers.?
Don't tell mom she says we need a diet.

Wordless Wednesday

I am still waiting for the rain to stop.    
  It's been 87 years 87 days  87 hours and 87 minutes.
It better stop soon or my dad will have to build an ark.

National Puppy Day

Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet.
Oh, to be more like a puppy.
~Colleen Paige{founder of National Puppy Day}
 The Following are Photos we Selected to share from the internet.
                                                       Enjoy 🐶