Monday, May 27, 2019

New Crib for Astro.

                                  After my last post Mom and Dad
                          decided it was time for me to get a new crib.

                                     Looking back I can see why everyone
                                  thought I was de~stuffing my toys again.

                                 The stuffing came from my bed!!
                         I have a bed in my Dad's closet on the floor.
                         This way I don't have to worry about getting
                         stepped on in the middle of the night.


                                Each night before I go to bed I rearrange
                                the blankets and move my toys.

                               Finally my Mom said she was tired of picking up fiber-fill.
                               It get's stuck in the vaccula and plugs it up. hah ha ha!!!!!


                                           My new CRIB is 27 x 51 Mom and Dad found it
                                            in the baby department at the store.


                                                         Mom got me crib sheets too.
                                             We have bought Astro numerous dog beds
                                          at one point we had 4, and we still have one
                                          Astro sleeps on in the family room. Oh and It has a hole
                                        in it I have sewed up twice.  We'ed love  to purchase a
                                        luxury bed for him, but for now a baby crib mattress will do.

                                         Mitzie sleeps at the foot of our bed, she had a doggies bed
                                         but only slept in it one time. With her seizures under control
                                         we don't mind her in our bed.





  1. Hari om
    I think you came out on the good side of that deal Astro!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  2. That looks like a super comfy bed. We suggest you not put any holes in this one.

  3. What a nice new bed!!!! Hugs!

  4. Wow Aastro...that looks like a very comfy new bed!!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  5. that's a super good idea to use a baby mattress... we will do that too for the car... because the two let it snow too...

  6. You are one lucky boy, Astro! You will be sleeping on luxury now!

  7. Rock-a-bye baby ...
    sweet dreams!

  8. when we first adopted Big we considered a crib mattress, and I looked for an old crib with mattress, I thought would put it next to our bed and he would be same height as us. could not find one. he has 4 beds, 2 chairs and 2 sofas and a twin bed in the extra bedroom. he uses all of them and we still sometimes step on him when we get up. we have to sit on bed and search before we step. my question is, what is to keep Astro from destuffing the crib mattress???

  9. What a brilliant idea to make a clever bed! There are 7 assorted beds throughout the house. With Elsa's digging to China every night before retiring on one of them, I suspect our own vaccula will be working hard too. 🛏Sweet dreams.

  10. That looks extra comfy for sure! Sweet dreams!

  11. That'll work. Looks like you've got your own little cave.

  12. Oh, that is fABulous dude! Your very own ManDog Cave!!! I thinks this one will last longer, rights? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  13. What a good idea! I like the little hideout in the closet--nobody can bother you in there!