Sunday, August 14, 2022

Astro has a new sister,!! Meet Pepper.


           It's been almost a year sense the Seizure Monster took  Mitzie over the Rainbow Bridge.

We knew in time that our broken hearts would mend and we bring another sweet rescue 

into our home. After searching over six months and one failed adoption,  we chose to 

look into Seattle Human Society. This is where I found Pepper. 

I called and made an appointment and then tested positive at work for covid.

The staff at Seattle Humane Society were kind enough to hold her even though

she was a favorite of all the girls behind the counter front desk.  

      On the way home, she knows her life in the shelter is behind her now.

I didn't take photos of the meet and greet between Astro and Pepper , but it was all good.

When she came out into the play yard she went straight to Jeff. I think she's going to

a Daddy's girl already.

It was a perfect day in Seattle for the Johnson Crummitt house. 

Not afraid to go into dads workshop . 

               Now if I can get her to stop hogging my chair we'll we best friends forever. 

             ps. That's her teddy bear next to her hind legs. 


  1. Welcome, Pepper! You sure are a cutie and it looks like you've settled in already.

  2. A big Blogville welcome to you Pepper. and Mitzie could almost be twins. You are going to have a great life! :)

  3. oooh this cute ears!!!! hello dear pepper!