Wednesday, November 23, 2022




                                              Sometimes Mom has to tell us to be nice.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


                                           WARNING  BROKEN TOE NAIL PICTURE 


Pepper loves to greet Dad at the door
when he gets home from work.
Accidents happen sometimes when
we get excited and jump on dad.
Sometimes he gets jumped on for kisses.
Today pepper got her toes under Dads work boots.
The white part of her nail lifted off the black part. 

Waiting for the Doctor to come in.

The doctor cut the white part off and 
then gave her a bandage & antibiotics. 

And that's how we spent our morning.


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Lazy Saturday


             Oh my doggies my mom is doing everything she can to get some good pictures

             of me and Pepper together before this blog goes quite again.!!       

            Pepper and I play and run after each other everyday. 


                                              Today I was trying to take a nap on the back porch,

                                             then here comes mom with the cell phone camera.


                                      Our dad has been working in the wood shop over the summer.



                                          Our mommy celebrated her 69th birthday back in July.

                                                     Mom found these sunglasses in a junk drawer.


We planted a tomato bush start.
If you squint your eyes and zoom really 
close in you might see the baby green tomato.

Well that's it for now.
If mom can figure out 
 how to get Pepper in the bath tub
 she'll take photos. I am not getting in unless dad makes me.
Later Pals xo Astro and Pepper.



Saturday, September 10, 2022

We will miss the Queen.

                                           RIP. Your Majesty the Queen and animal lover.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Pepper & Teddy Bear

     When I left the shelter the nice girls who work there gave me a teddy bear for being so good.

   My mom said what are we going to do with him, he's so big? 

  I am not allowed to drag Ted into the back yard dirt. SO I'll just chew his nose off.

                          We gots no grass cause the big tree is not letting the grass grow.

                           But me and Astro don't care, we chase each other all day. 


                                                    We love each other so much.


                                                            Pepper you need to chill out.



                                      It's going to be fun when the snow comes  in a few months.

                                      I know mom is going to love that. Maybe not so much lol 



Sunday, August 21, 2022

Where did all my friends go?


   Hey pals it's me the phat boy from Washington,  land of green trees and rain.

  If you had a chance to read my last post I got a new sister. It took forever for

my mom to find her. We adopted a dog that we had to return when  me and her

started fighting too much. Then mom got 4 stitches in her leg. She cried lots. 

 I never actually showed my teeth I just ran from her and hit in the closet. 

I am way to old to be getting mad about food and toys and such. We took her back 

to her old house and hope she is happy there. Mommy looked and looked

and gave up, then she  found Pepper Ann.  

O~ my doggies, She is the best girl, so much like Mitzie!!!!

                       We got to go to the car wash and a quick trip to the grocery store.

                   I thinks that she will be staying here for a long time. Mom and dad

                  let her sleep in the bed giant bed with them. It's ok I got my mattress

                  in the closet with toys and 2 fluffy blankets. 

                   We have missed all our old friends so much and hope to reconnect soon. 



Sunday, August 14, 2022

Astro has a new sister,!! Meet Pepper.


           It's been almost a year sense the Seizure Monster took  Mitzie over the Rainbow Bridge.

We knew in time that our broken hearts would mend and we bring another sweet rescue 

into our home. After searching over six months and one failed adoption,  we chose to 

look into Seattle Human Society. This is where I found Pepper. 

I called and made an appointment and then tested positive at work for covid.

The staff at Seattle Humane Society were kind enough to hold her even though

she was a favorite of all the girls behind the counter front desk.  

      On the way home, she knows her life in the shelter is behind her now.

I didn't take photos of the meet and greet between Astro and Pepper , but it was all good.

When she came out into the play yard she went straight to Jeff. I think she's going to

a Daddy's girl already.

It was a perfect day in Seattle for the Johnson Crummitt house. 

Not afraid to go into dads workshop . 

               Now if I can get her to stop hogging my chair we'll we best friends forever. 

             ps. That's her teddy bear next to her hind legs.