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Silent Sunday

Flower Friday

We are still recovering from the computer crash.
Please forgive us if we can't add the hop to our post
we tried and had problems.


I didn't do it.  I wasn't even in the room!!!
Mom's computer crashed, there was no loud noise.
All her pictures and documents are gone poof, all 401 of them.
They were not stored in the clouds, or backed up.

 My dad's friend came and restored it back to factory settings.
Mom is spending time reinstalling all her apps and printer.

She could't even get to the sign on page................
So if you don't see me I am here reading and napping.
Aunt Cathy is coming over today maybe she will take
my picture. A note of caution from mommy.
If you have a fitbit be very careful it might take over
your computer and eat all your stuff that thing is hungry.
She was trying to charge it when the computer crashed.

Mom took this photo today,
I asked my dad what did you do in Germany beside drink beer? lol

Silly. Sunday Sleeping

Half of me is in my bed.
Half of me is under the table.
Mom said that can't be  comfortable.

Helping Mom

Yesterday was HOT, today is going to be HOT.
           Our part of Washington is usually pretty cool.
           Summers get hot when your not use to heat
           it can be unbearable for some of us.              
          Yesterday I helped mom water her flowers.                                                                                                  

Wordless Wednesday