Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Veterans Day

                        ♥   Mitzie & Astro

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Tour of Jeff's Wood shop.

                                    Today we thought you all might want to see inside our dad's shop.
                                        Be sure to turn off the alarm or the cops will show up.
                                                        MOVING IN DAY JUNE 2017

Our Mommy doesn't come in here very often.

See that white bag?
It is a vaccula and we are scared of it!
It sucks sawdust and little dogs lol 
Just kidding pals, but it does suck sawdust.
All kinds of saws and drills and routers 
hang out in here. 
Do you know my dads nick name is Geppetto.

See that big green thing?
It's called a Spindle Turning Lathe.
                                                Dad  can make table legs or stair rails
                                                     once my ma asked dad to make a
                                                     tall candle stick holder. 
                                    O`` we gots a good story about this tool thingie.
                                               It is called a overhead pin Router. 
                                     Once mom had a bottle of wine and no wine 
                                     opener. Well she asked Dad to open it! 
                                     He took it to the wood shop and drilled a hole 
                                     through the cork. There was cork in the wine,
                                     mommy strained it out. 

                                                      The big green saw is a Band Saw, 
                                             dad uses it for making curved cuts in wood
                                             and sometimes to cut metal. Dad use to 
                                             make custom furniture and cabinets. 

Mommy is sanding the paint off a picture frame.
That thing that looks like a block of cheese, 
               is an eraser. You use it to get the paint out of your
 sand paper. And that way you don't have to replace your sand
paper all the time. It is expensive to buy. 

This is one of our dads latest projects.
The hawks on the side are Seattle Seahawks.
We won't talk about how they are doing this year. loser

Are you still reading ?

We saved this for last.

We had a request for a Urn.

RIP made with love and respect. 

That's it hope you enjoyed seeing my dads hobby shop.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Autumn Day

                            Our weather changed to cold crisp days and lower temps at night.

Every afternoon Mitzie ask to go outside.

If I don't let her out she barks at me.

She loves to look for squirrel's.
Our Maple tree has dropped 
most of it's leaves.
We will wait a while before calling a cleanup crew.

Remember last year
Looking  out to Jeff's wood shop.

Astro waiting at the back door.

Are all the leaves changing colors in your yard too?

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The great count down


When everyone is still in their Halloween Costumes
our mom went on the great hunt for Christmas stuff.
Yeah she may not know where the cell phone is at
but, she does know where the reindeer ears hide all year. 

This is me Astro, mom thinks we should practice photo's.
I think she should practice wearing the ears herself.

                                            If I have to wear reindeer ear's so does Mitzie.

                            OMD she was so scared Mommy had to hold the reindeer ears on her     

                                                  Santa if your reading this we really are good kids honest!

                                                     WE WON'T START COUNTING THE DAYS
                                                             FOR A FEW MORE WEEKS 


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

                                                           Happy Halloween Pals.

                                        We don't dress up for Halloween because we don't
                                         hold still long enough for photos.

                                                           ♥ Little Beggar Twins

                                                        Astro the Wild Child
                                                        Mitzie the Lover of Toilet Water

                                                     Our sister Cinnamon
                                                    RIP Cinnamon    3/24/2016

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dog Pile

                                  When dad gets home from work Mitzie and I pile up on dads lap.

                                                Do you sit on your mom and dads lap too?

                                              I'm giving mom the stink eye, she's  jealous.

                                                                                                       ♥ Astro

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday Adventures of Mitzie


                             Those little white spots on my eyebrows are not usually there.

                              Mommy saw me and she knew right away what they are.
                              I put my head in the big carton of cottage cheese.
                              It's all my dads fault he held the carton for me.
                              I had to tell him,  Dad you got me busted by mom!!
                                       At least it is not ice cream carton this time.