Wednesday, November 8, 2017

46 Sleeps


         It's time for everyone to get your information together.


           This year is going to be a record breaking
          here in blogville. A lot of pals have moved and 
          there are lot's of new friends to add to the list.
           Kismet has all the details you'll need.
                Get your information to KISMET and be part
                of the GREAT CARD EXCHANGE
                      Your post man will love you!πŸŽ„

          XO YOUR PAL ASTROπŸŽ… 
          PS: click on the kismet link.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thankful Thursday

                         Good Morning furpals.

                 It was time for Aunt Cathy to come visit again Tuesday.
               I always get so excited to see her every time!
              Do you excited when friends come over to visit?
Me waiting by the front door.
We don't go to Aunt Cathy's house because she lives on an
island in Puget Sound.

Mommy and Aunt Cathy left me home and they went shopping!!!
But when she got back me and Dad had a surprise for her. 
I am Thankful.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday


                                                           MOMMY MOMMY 
hurry and open the door before all the leaves come in the house!!!!!!

                                                       My dad needs to sweep the
                                                        sidewalk to the wood shop.
                                                      Mom and dad used the blower
                                                      then the wind blew again.

Mom was so happy she finally got  good picture of us together.
Well at least I am looking at dad and your hair is combed mom.  

Let the Holiday Shopping Begin.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Special announcement


                        SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 

                 Fur Pals There is a Santa Claus!!!

             Hop over to Oreo's and read all about it.


Oreo has all the details on his blog.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday.


My stuffy had a bath in the washing machine.
Thank goodness I am to fat to fit in there. BOL!
He got his holes mended too.
I love my Ma 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Blooming Flowers.


              Mom has been home all week sick with the flu bug.
       She walked around our backyard avoiding the weeds so
       while out there she snapped a few photos of flowers.
       We wanted to share with you whats blooming here in the PNW.
        Or I should say, look at our  mud and weeds patch.

            This little beauty  is a Fuchsia  mom got for 99 cents it is still alive.

                              This slider is from the dining room out to the patio area.
                               It gets the most sun so mom placed her pots here. 
                               We have another sliding door in the family room to go out side. 

                                                             Mom said she thinks this is a day lily,
                                            it was here when we moved in and just about to bloom.

                              Here we have a dead lavender tree in the black pot. You can you see it in the                                          top center of this photo. Mom still waters it hoping it will come back to life.

                                   I don't know the names of these plants or ivy mom stuck a little purple
                                   flower in the middle for some color.               


                                This little pink flower is mommy's favorite geranium.

                           We don't know what variety this Hosta  is but another favorite of ma's

                               Boxwood is shown below. We have two of them flanking
                               both sides of the back door. 


                                     A view of our side yard, there are raised beds.
                                 we never got a chance to plant anything as it was to
                                 late in June when we moved in here..
                                Plus ma was unpacking for 87000 days and nights.


                                                  Below is the Hydrangea mom was so happy to get.
                                               It lasted 2 days in the sun. Mom came home from work
                                               one day and it was dead.
                                               RIP... pretty Hydrangea. It is still in a pot beside the garage
                                               maybe if it gets rain water it might come back.
                                                My ma can't throw dead pants away, send her some
                                                 power if the plant vibes. 

                                                  The other boxwood by the back door.
                                                               The kitty is ceramic.

   Well that's it for our yard................ I didn't show you our dead grass cause it is not pretty.
   Mom was shocked to learn very few people in Washington water they grass in summer.
  Ma was watering out front one late afternoon then she looked and all the neighbors yards
  were dried out too. I guess it's a conservation  thing here.

46 Sleeps