Friday, August 17, 2018

Flower Friday


                                             IT'S FLOWER FRIDAY WITH ROSY.
                  * WARNING UGLY DEAD PLANTS *


                                                                   This was Mr Lincoln. He's dead now.

                                                              This was Juliet she was a peach color rose.
                                                               I think she is a pit now¿


                                                                           Do you like raspberries?
                                                                                   Yeah me too.                                     
                                                                          Do they taste good on ice cream?
                                                                                   We will never know!

Raspberry patch before.
 No the grass won't grow under our Maple tree.😢

                                                                We have a few plants on the patio
                                                                 Mitzie has left them alone for now.



Hi my name is Mitzie and I have a chewing problem.
My mom is so mad.😡

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wordless Wednesday with words


                                                                 Mitzie loves to bite and chew on me.
                                                                 Just ask my ma about the chewing, OMD
                                                   Mitzie destroyed 2 roses bushes this week while I was at work.
                                                 Jeff was busy in the wood shop and didn't notice!!!!!!
                                                       No photos as there is nothing  to photograph!!

                                                             The Wild Child and his sister the Vegetarian. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tug O~War.

                                                   Want to play Tug O` War with me?

Friday, August 10, 2018

Road Trip

                                                                                          Can  you see me ?

How about now?

Look again closer.

Mom was following us.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Chew Toys

                                                                               Hey Fur Pals.

                             It's so hot outside Mom makes us play indoors.

Mitzie thinks I am her chew toy.

Send help!
xo Astro

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

National Lighthouse Day

                                         It's National Lighthouse Day!

                                          Thank You to Madi and Mom for Hoisting the Hop.


There are eighteen active lights in the state; three are standing but inactive, three were supplanted by automated towers, and two have been completely demolished. Two lights, one of them still active, serve as museums.

Admiralty Head LightAdmiralty head Lighthouse.jpgCoupeville48.1608°N 122.6810°W1861 (Former)
1903 (Current)
(Now a museum)
None120 ft (37 m)
Alki Point LightAlkilighthouse.jpgWest Seattle47.5763°N 122.4206°W19131984ActiveVRB-2539 ft (12 m)
Browns Point LightBrowns Point Lighthouse.jpgBrowns Point47.3059°N 122.4443°W1887 (First)
1933 (Current)
1963ActiveVRB-2538 ft (12 m)
Burrows Island LightBurrows Island Light.jpgAnacortes
(Burrows Island)
48.4779°N 122.7135°W19061972ActiveOptic57 ft (17 m)
Bush Point LightCoupeville48.03087°N 122.60697°W1894 (Former)
1933 (Current)
Cape Disappointment LightCape Disappointment Lighthouse.jpgCape Disappointment46.2758°N 124.0522°W18561973ActiveFourth-order Fresnel220 ft (67 m)
Cape Flattery LightTatooshLighthouse.jpgTatoosh Island48.3919°N 124.7370°W185719772009
(Replaced with
skeleton tower)
None165 ft (50 m)
Cattle Point LightCattle Point Light.jpgSan Juan Island[5]48.4506°N 122.9633°W1888 (Former)
1935 (Current)
Clover Island LightClover Island Lighthouse.jpgKennewick46.217°N 119.111°W2010AlwaysActiveLED62 ft (19 m)
Destruction Island LightDestruction Island Lighthouse.jpgDestruction Island47.6745°N 124.4869°W189219682008[]None165 ft (50 m)
Dofflemyer Point LightDofflemyer Point Lighthouse.jpgBoston Harbor47.1405°N 122.9073°W1887](Former)
1987[ActiveUnknown30 ft (9.1 m)
Ediz Hook LightEdiz Hook Light 1908.jpgPort Angeles
(Air Station)
48.1401°N 123.4023°W1865(First)
1908] (Last)
(Replaced with
skeleton tower)
Grays Harbor LightGraysHarborWestportLightNpsPhoto2000.jpgWestport46.8882°N 124.1169°W18981945ActiveThird-order Fresnel123 ft (37 m)
Lime Kiln LightLime Kiln Lighthouse 2.jpgSan Juan Island48.5160°N 123.1524°W19191962Active375mm55 ft (17 m)
Marrowstone Point LightMarrowstone pt lt.JPGMarrowstone
(Fort Flagler State Park)
48.1016°N 122.6879°W1888(Former)
1962ActiveUnknown28 ft (8.5 m)
Mukilteo LightMukilteo Lighthouse 01.jpgMukilteo47.9487°N 122.3062°W19061979Active
(Also a museum)
Fourth-order Fresnel33 ft (10 m)
New Dungeness LightNew Dungeness Light after 1927, Sequim (Clallan County, Washington).jpgSequim
(Dungeness Spit)
48.1817°N 123.1103°W18571994[ActiveOptic67 ft (20 m)
North Head LightNorth Head Light WA.jpgIlwaco46.2989°N 124.0780°W18981961ActiveVRB-25194 ft (59 m)
Patos Island LightPatos island light.JPGPatos Island48.7890°N 122.9713°W1893(Former)
1974ActiveUnknown52 ft (16 m)
Point No Point LightPoint no Point Light WA.jpgHansville
(Point No Point)
47.9122°N 122.5268°W18801977ActivePlastic27 ft (8.2 m)
Point Roberts LightPoint RobertsN/AUnknownUnknownActive?UnknownUnknown
Point Robinson LightPoint Robinson Lighthouse.JPGVashon
(Point Robinson)
47.3881°N 122.3744°W1887(Former)
1978ActivePlastic40 ft (12 m)
Point Wilson LightPoint Wilson Light - Fort Worden State Park WA.jpgPort Townsend48.1442°N 122.7548°W1879 (Former)
1914 (Current)
1976ActiveFourth-order Fresnel51 ft (16 m)
Semiahmoo Harbor LightSemiahoo Harbor Light 1943.jpgBlaine48.9923°N 122.7840°W1905Never1944
Skunk Bay LightPort LudlowN/A1965
Slip Point LightSlip Point Tower, July 1944 - NARA - 298208.tifClallam Bay48.2645°N 124.251°W1905(First)
1951 (Last)
None55 ft (17 m)
Smith Island LightSmith island light.JPGSmith Island48.3184°N 122.8438°W185819571998[
None97 ft (30 m)
Turn Point LightTurn Point Lighthouse (16470653998).jpgStuart Island48.6888°N 123.2374°W1893 (Former)
1936 (Current)
1974Active300mm44 ft (13 m)
West Point LightWest Point Light.jpgSeattle
(West Point)
47.6620°N 122.4357°W18811985ActiveVRB-2527 ft (8.2 m)
Willapa Bay LightWillapa Bay Light.jpg

Willapa Bay

                                                       Mom and Dad  have been to 2 of them.


                    The Mukilteo Light is an operational navigation aid located on the 
            east side of Possession Sound at Mukilteo, Snohomish County, Washington.                                                                             

Mom at Point Wilson Lighthouse

The Point Wilson Light is an active aid to navigation located in Fort Worden State Park near Port TownsendJefferson County, Washington. It is one of the most important navigational aids in the state, overlooking the entrance to Admiralty Inlet, the waterway connecting the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound. The lighthouse was listed on the Washington State Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Fort Worden Military Cemetery is located near Port Wilson Lighthouse.

Jeff's grandfather served as  Commanding General.