Monday, September 23, 2019

It's the first day of fall.

                                                    It's the first day of  fall.......🍂   

                 It is time for sweaters and crunchy leaves. 


it's time for a nap............

mommy i am coming wait for me please.
the building is my dads wood shop. 

someone please open the back door for me.

                   Mitzie is looking for her rope toy.  haha good luck with that.........

All of the above photos are from past years.
Leaves will start falling again in a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tongue Out Tuesday

                                  I  ♥  my Dad, he can drive the truck & hold MY ice cream.

                                    I my Dad he can drive the truck and hold MY ice cream.

                                                Happy Licks Tuesday xo Astro and Mitzie 

                                                      Mom says it's only 1 ice cream not 2.
                                                    we knew that mom we are smart dogs.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tongue Out Tuesday

                                                   Does this place have treats if your good?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Thankful Thursday

                                      We are thankful our vet takes good care of us.


Today I didn't have to go behind the counter
where those little cold room are.

Today Mitzie had to see her Doctor.

After dad handed the leash to the tech girls
Mitzie refused to walk and was scared.
Daddy had to calm her down.
The assistants  put a muzzle on her.

Mitzie got her blood drawn and her nails cut.

We got the blood test results. 
Mitzie is on phenobarbital 
for seizures.
The 12 panel test came back good.
We can continue with phenobarbital.

We are Thankful.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Visiting dad's friend.

                                      Our dad is installing a new faucet for his friend Bruce.

Mitzie likes going to see Bruce, She looks out the 
slider and watches for other pups to go past.

Sometimes she hangs out on his sofa.

I'm just patiently waiting for Bruce to get 
the biscuits  out of his pocket. 

We like Dad's friend Bruce.

It's been hot here for Seattle
Dad and Mom won't let us go anyplace in
the car or dads truck.

We have to play at home.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tongue Out Tuesday

                                           Mommy, are you going to share your bacon?

                                                      Thanks mommy, do you have more?

                                                    We hope you all are enjoying summer!
                                                   Our dad's been in his wood shop, goofing off again.



                                                     Dad loves building this kind of truck.
                                                He use to drive them all over the PNW rain or snow.
                                                                     PNW is Pacific North West.
                                                         He doesn't use a pattern just is own idea.

                                                Mom,  celebrated her Birthday last week.

See ya next time.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

On the move.

                                  How is everyone's Summer going?  🌞
                Do you have plans for vacation or day trips to the beach?
                   Ya`all know we love our Aunt Cathy to the moon & back.

This is an  old photo from 1959
Aunt Cathy on the left and mom.

Sisters are forever. 
Mom on the left Aunt Cathy on the right. 
our mom hates her picture taken.

Remember when Aunt Cathy brought me a Bird.
for my birthday? 
He's still here someplace I think his beak is gone,
Sorry Birdie. 🐦 Mitzie did it.

In 2017 Mom and Aunt Cathy went on a road trip
down the coast of Washington, Oregon and California.

They stopped in Tillamook Oregon.

I just knew there were more reasons to love my Aunt Cathy.
Do you see what she is doing?
She is shoveling cheese in her purse to bring me.
I wish that was true. At Tillamook you can sample the cheeses.
I think they should let dogs come taste them don't you? 🧀

Mom was petting the fake cows. lol 🐄

Yesterday we told you Aunt Cathy has exciting news.

Aunt Cathy sold her house on Camano Island.
Our Mom went to say good bye last week.

Aunt Cathy moved to Pocatello Idaho.

Her new house will be done in August. 
Maybe we can go dig holes for her landscaping.
Mitzie likes to dig.

Mom says we will go next spring to see her and Clifford.

We will miss you Aunt Cathy and Clifford.