Thursday, March 14, 2019

What happens when no one is home.

                               On the left is a remote to our electric fireplace, on the right is the DVD remote.


Our Mom left us home alone.
She knew before she left we wanted to go see Aunt Cathy too.

When Mom came home she knew me and Astro  probably 
chewed up dads slippers again!!

 We surprised mommy.
Somebody got on the table by dad's chair
where the remotes are.

Dad said we need a baby gate ...
Baby Gate hhahahahaha 

Mitzie is going to need bail money.
Astro isn't talking. 

p.s. Mitzie is doing very good,
no seizures sense we started medication.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


                                   UP DATE FOR MITZIE.

      All the blood work came back good for Mitzie.
      She is tolerating the Phenobarbital Medication.
      It's been almost a month now sense starting the meds.
      We have our paws crossed. This is a new adventure 
       for all of us. I want to Thank all you that commented
       where to find information and resources for K-9 Epilepsy. 


         Mitzie and Astro have been enjoying our snow storms.


                                 They even enjoyed a sun puddle together in the family room.
   Astro and Mitzie want to say a few words.
     Our Ma could use some POTP .
    She's been in bed 12 days with Pneumonia.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

That white stuff *** SNOW ***

               OMD pals we never thought we would get snow this year.
          It started coming down about a half hour ago. We don't know how long it will last.

        Yesterday Mitzie returned to the vet's office for her blood work. We are waiting
        for the results. Will up date when we know more.


Friday, January 25, 2019


              Mitzie has been experiencing seizures for a few months now.
The first started back in October and while we took her to the Emergency Hospital
nothing was resolved that night. We waited to see if she just had a one time bout.
The seizure monster returned again! Then again. a few weeks ago.
Last week we visited our regular vet where Astro and Cinnamon have gone.
After watching a short video I had made during her last  seizure, and an exam
 the doctor determined. She has epilepsy. We have her on 2 doses of phenobarbital
a day. We go back in 2 weeks for a full blood work up.

      I hate giving her medicine it makes her a zombie. If you knew her you would
call her wild as she never sits still. We tribute it to her being part Border Collie mix.
 If I go from room to room in the house she goes or follows Jeff everywhere.
She loves to go for a ride in the truck and barks at everyone.
she is very active chasing Astro around the year and house.
 But when we go to bed she goes too and stays in bed all night.

With the meds  now she sleeps all day and only gets excited when Jeff comes home.
or if she hears car keys, door bell, or wants outside.

We are going to do everything to make her life comfortable.
Our dr said this is something we can control.



Tuesday, January 22, 2019

We have a Winner. Mike the pony

                     MIKE THE PONY HAS BEEN RESCUED.

               ♥  Thank you to all our pals who commented. ♥






                     We know you'll take good care of Mike.

        TO YOU.




Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mike The WF pony's twin brother Giveaway,

                                Just in time for Valentine's 💓

                           HAVE YOU EVERY WANTED A PONY?

                 If you answered yes, this is your chance to have one. 


                    If you have been following Our Angel Cinnamon, then Astro and now Mitzie
                we have given away a pony from Wells Fargo Bank 3 times before. My dad does lots of 
                business with them. Each year at Christmas they offer a Pony if you open a new 
                account. My dad never does that. They like him he sells a lot of his wood
                projects to the  tellers and he even is known to help if they need car repairs.
                My dad worked on tanks in  the army. And if you read our last post
                you know he can install a dishwasher.

              We thought you might like to see some of the WF Pony's from the past.

                Here is Nelly, She went to live at Ruby's in 2013.
                I know Nelly and Ruby are having a lots of fun!
                Chasing tree rats and eating the moms plants.
                Maybe even drinking a rita or two. 

                     Then Shamrock the Stallion 
                  He went all the way to Florida to live with 
                  Amber and the Winnies of Florida.
                   I hear Florida is a nice place to retire.

                      That's the real Mike in a photo from the Wells Fargo Archives.

Mike  went to live with the Dory Of  Dorys Backyard.
You may know their blog as LLB. Mike still lives with
Angel Dory's family Rosy, Jakey and Arty.

Now we have a new member only he looks just like Mike.
Someone was hiding  a box   umm what? That's confusing!!!!!
Mom said he was Mike's twin. Dad brought him home last week.
OMD it's a rescue, Mike is a rescue. The Manager no longer works
at WF™ and the office was cleaned out. Seams there was a dozen 
Mike's that never got homes.  Now is your chance to rescue a pony.
I wish my dad could have rescued all the Mikes but we only have one.
                             Good Luck Pals.

 We will ship Mike any where in the world as all animals deserve a good home.
My Mom just ask one thing Please do not de stuff him.
His red jacket is attached with Velcro. Easy on off you decide. 

     Please comment if you would like to rescue Mike.
Our Mom wants Mike rescued because we have enough
poop around our yard and a pony just,,,,
 okay never mind you get the idea.

                                    Below are photo's of Rescue Mike.




                                                    O` where did that come from?
                                                     That's our Mom from 1957.


                                            When Mike got here my dad made sure he was watered.     


                                                               Mommy made sure he got some carrots.


                                                  He got on the sofa in the living room.
                                                Mom must like him cause we are not allowed in there.


                                                           Mike enjoying candy M&M's & Hearts

                  We will leave the comments open until Next Tuesday January 22 at 12:00 P.M. PST

                                                                  Astro and Mitzie 

Monday, January 7, 2019

DIY My dad takes on a project.

                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR✨

               You might be wondering where we have been the last few weeks.

                               I'm going to show ya'll a project from start to finish.

           Now some of you know we moved into a new to us house in June 2017.

           Mom and dad have made a few improvements in the last few months.

Below is the kitchen before the projects began.

Lots of space in here. But room for improvement.  
There is no dishwasher!!!
More on that as we progress.

First we started with a new glass top range & microwave.

Mom picked out the range and microwave.
Dad installed everything while
Mommy was at work. 
Remember, Mom works every weekend.

Then Aunt Cathy's refrigerator stopped running.

Two weeks later our refrigerator felt sympathy
and gave out too. 

Then Christmas came Dad kept asking Mom.
"What do you want for Christmas"?
She told him nothing.
We have everything we need.

So he bought her flowers.

Then one day.............
Mitzie and Astro told Jeff 
"Daddy we are tired of licking all the dirty dishes". bol ha ha 

Jeff wasn't  going to believe that.

Then the major DIY started.
Again while Mommy was at work.

Power tools!!

It's a good thing Mommy was at work.
At this point she would be deep breathing 
and having a few HBO words. 

Let's hope dad finishes before mom gets home!!!!!

It fits the hole dad made in the cabinets.

Dad had everything done when Mom got home,
but he still had to pick up the mess.

Does your Dad love power tools?

And now if you come to our house for dinner
we will put the dishes in the dishwasher.
Our dogs will no longer be doing dishes. bol ha ha 

Hey Friends Thanks for all the Christmas Cards.

We also want to say Thanks for reading our post today.

Come back soon.

Astro and Mitzie will be having a giveaway.

Don't worry there is plenty of time,
and no you don't have to be a subscriber to our blog
NO jumping through rings of fire or any

Hint Hint 
If you remember Mike The WF Pony
we got his twin brother.